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A Database of First Nations Environmental Health Researchers and Research Papers

Name Location Research Area(s) Expertise Affiliations
Abonyi, Sylvia SK Food
Aboriginal Health, Global Policies and Local Health, Medical / health Anthropology, Participatory Action Research, Population Health, Qualitative Research Methods, Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Research Associate / Assistant Professor Department of Community Health and Epidemiology Faculty of Medicine University of Saskatchewan, Canada Research Chair in Aboriginal Health
Anderson, Alan SK Housing Comparative Urban Sociology, Demography, Ethnic Studies, Sociological Theory Professor Emeritus, Department of Sociology College of Arts and Science University of Saskatchewan
Arbour, Laura BC Food Clinical Genetics, Clinical Medicine, Ethics, Genetic disorders among Aboriginal populations, Medicine, Northern Aboriginal Health Issues as they pertain to genetics, Population Health Child & Family Research Institute, University of British Columbia Children's & Women
Arocena, Joselito BC Food
Climate change, Environmental health and protection, Soil conservation, Management of industrial wastes, Sources of particulate matter, Professor, Environmental Science and Engineering, University of Northern British Columbia
Assinewe, Valerie ON Food Natural Health Products, Program Review, Phytochemistry, Unit Head, Monograph Development, Health Canada Bureau of Product Review and Assessment, President, ARDOS Consulting
Atikess, Laura QC Food Doctoral Candidate, Institute of Environmental Sciences; CINBIOSE, Collaborative Mercury Research Network, Universit
Ayotte, Pierre QC Food Toxicology, Risk Analysis, Molecular Epidemiology, Public Health Research Unit, Laval University
Ballamingie, Patricia ON Food Environmental conflict, Engaged environmental scholarship, Urban sustainability, Sustainable consumption and voluntary simplicity, Social impacts of pesticides Assistant Professor, Faculty of Geography and Environmental Studies, Carleton University, Vice-President, Environmental Studies Association of Canada
Bannister, Kelly BC Food Ethical issues in research, Ethnobiology, Human and environmental health-related aspects of traditional foods and medicines, Microbiology Assistant Professor, School of Environmental Studies, Post-doctoral fellow jointly supported by the UBC Centre for Applied Ethics and the School of Environmental Studies at the University of Victoria
Bartlett, Karen BC Indoor Air Quality Bioaerosols, Environmental Hygiene, Environmental Microbiology, Impact of the built environment, Indoor Air quality, Occupational Hygiene Associate Professor, University of British Columbia School of Environmental Health
Bend, Jack ON Food Mechanisms of toxicity of endogenous (bilirubin) and exogenous (methylmercury; polycyclic hydrocarbons; dioxins) chemicals, Oxidative stress, disulphide proteome, mitochondrial damage, antioxidants of synthetic and natural (e.g. herbal) origin Professor, Department of Pathology, University of Western Ontario
Berghout, Joanne QC Indoor Air Quality Biochemistry, Environmental Air Quality, Bioaerosols Graduate Student, Biochemistry, McGill University
Berti, Peter ON Food Nutritional assessment, Risk analysis and management, Deputy Director, Nutrition Advisor, HealthBridge Canada
Bharadwaj, Lalita SK Water Agricultural chemicals in drinking water, Waste management, Human health risk assessment Assistant Professor , Department of Medicine, Institute of Agricultural Rural and Environmental Health, College of Medicine University of Saskatchewan
Bottorf, Joan BC Indoor Air Quality Tobacco Reduction, Cancer Screening, Risk Reduction Related to Hereditary Breast Cancer, Health Promotion Professor, Faculty of Health & Social Development, University of British Columbia - Okanagan Campus
Boucher de Grosbois, Sylvie QC Food Mercury Institute of Environmental Sciences, Universit
Brassard, Paul QC Housing Infectious diseases control, tuberculosis, Aboriginal health, surveillance data, epidemiologic investigations, molecular epidemiology Assistant Professor, Department of Medicine, Department of Epidemiology & Biostatistics, McGill University
Chan, Laurie BC Food Analytical Chemistry, Environmental Toxicology, Food Security and effects of climate change, Functional Food, Nutritional and food toxicology, Nutrition and the environment of Indigenous Peoples, Risk assessment of contaminant exposure Professor, Community Health Science Program, University of Northern British Columbia, British Columbia Leadership Chair in Aboriginal Environmental Health; Northern Research Chair, Natural Science and Engineering Research Council of Canada
Clearsky, Lorne AB Housing Aboriginal Health Clinical Assistant Professor, Medial Leader and Deputy Medical Officer of Health Aboriginal Health Program, Calgary Health Region
Cowan (nee Binns), Shannon BC Food Aboriginal Health, Agroecology, Natural Health Products, Traditional Ecological Knowledge Assistant Professor, Agroecology Botanical Garden and Centre for Plant Research, Faculty of Land and Food Systems, University of British Columbia
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